5 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

It starts with a minor disturbance. Soon after, a supervisor pushes a deadline forward. Little Susie falls down at school and breaks her arm. Your spouse leaves work to pick Susie up and take her to the hospital, only to have their car break down at a stoplight. The office phone won’t stop ringing. A subtle sweat may follow, by a sudden raise in blood pressure. Speaking clearly and maintaining patience have become very difficult.
Stress is a sign that the mind or physical body may be at its peak for tolerance for dealing with mental and physical situations that are typically not abnormal. Stress is the body’s response to a particular situation. Internal stress occurs when people allow themselves to over think life situations. Stress can also be triggered by emergency situations, in response to things in the environment such as loud or constant noises, or from over exerting one’s self without getting proper rest. What many people do not realize is how manageable stress actually is.


Recognizing and acknowledging personal limits is one of the biggest steps that a person can take to help eliminate stress in their life. Trying to accomplish too much at once can lead to not enough rest and can frazzle the mind. Be realistic. As a comparison, think about trying to stuff a large self inflating balloon into a very small box. Once the balloon has begun to touch the sides of the box, it can only let the pressure build causing the lid of the box to either pop open or explode. By recognizing that the balloon can expand beyond the box and removing the lid, the pressure is now gone and the balloon can continue to inflate.


Prioritizing is important because it allows people to make their lives and time more manageable. For example, if someone is working on a project that will take them ten hours, skipping lunch shouldn’t be the priority. They will still be hungry if they skip the meal and still be hungry after the deadline is met if they do. A rumbling stomach will do nothing more than cause physical discomfort and distraction. Taking the full lunch break or eating while working if it’s allowable would be the most suitable options.

Take Charge

Taking charge of a person’s physical health is a great way to maintain and deal with stress. Proper nutrition, rest, and exercise all affect stamina as well as the mind’s ability to cope in tough situations. A lack of rest could lead to exhaustion and lack of tolerance. Take a few minutes each day simply to breath, meditate, and unwind.


Good organization is very helpful in stressful situations. Always knowing where to find things that are needed and may be needed in a very short time frame is extremely helpful.

Remain Positive

Remain positive and keep a good attitude. Acknowledge and accept that we are only human. Find something good about each day and a reason that you are thankful for that. Smile and laugh often.


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