5 Ways to Beat a Tough Job Market

To win in a tough job market, it is necessary to bolster what you have to offer and search in new places. All the qualities that used to work are just not enough when a job may have hundreds of applicants.

Here are 5 ways to beat a tough job market. Try them out; boost your chances any way you can!

1. Make finding a job your current full time job. Set regular business hours and do the following assignments:

  • Update your resume and make any necessary revisions. Focus on your skills that will make you an asset to a company. Try to keep it to one page.
  • Clean up any online social network listings you have; employers may be looking.
  • Keep a daily diary of where you have looked, and results. This can be a map of sorts for your job search. Schedule any appointments so you do not forget them.
  • Set goals for how many places you will call each day.
  • Conduct some background research online to find companies you may be interested in working for. Call them to see if they have openings. Do not wait for ads!

2. Brush up on work skills, like typing or computer knowledge. Take a class to learn more. This could lead to creation of your own business, which is always an alternative to working for others.

3. Get out your contact list and call up anyone who may know of a job you could be qualified for. It is often who you know, rather than what you know, that lands you a job.

4. Stay positive, do not give up. Open your mind to accepting a job that is less than what you desire. You are better off looking for work from a job than from being unemployed. Working at a job also gets you into the work routine. When a person is off work for a long period of time, it is easy to lose that work ethic that can give you an edge in finding a better position. Be willing to settle for less pay, at least for the moment.

5. When interviewing, always set yourself in the light of what you can do for this company. Have an attitude that you are that employee they want because you can help their company grow and become better. Sell your sizzle and your skills!

A tough job market means there are many others scrambling for the same position. You can no longer get away with just sending out resumes and expecting a call. Do the important follow up calls and thank you notes when you do get a call back or an interview. Be the professional in every way, head to toe.

Be extra creative in your searching. Pull out all the extra stops along the way. Be grateful when you are selected to come in for an interview. Keep an open mind, be prepared when you go to an interview, and stay positive!


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