5 Ways to Keep a Marriage Together

All relationships require a certain amount of compromise and commitment in order to allow everything to run smoothly. People are ever changing and therefore, so are their relationships with others. A romantic relationship may see several evolutions over time.

The early stages of a romantic relationship where a couple are generally still trying to get to know one another and focus more on each other than other things in life is called the honeymoon stage. A couple may experience this twice in a relationship; once while still dating, and usually for about the first year of a marriage. Slowly, the wheel of time begins to move. Career moves are made. Children are born. The thrill of free living and spontaneity give way to responsibility and routine. Commitment and compromise are now more important than ever to keep the marriage together. In this way, a marriage could be likened to a car: it needs continual maintenance to remain operative, and it is much more simple than people often realize. There are several simple “maintenance” steps that couples can perform to help preserve their marriage.

1. Open Communication

Keeping the line of communication open is extremely vital in any relationship or marriage. This does not mean that a person has to spend every waking moment talking to their spouse. Good communication will involve a short period of time listening to each other without interrupting, and should be free of outside distraction. Before or after meals is the best time for this. Early morning conversations can be rushed by the routine of trying to get children off to school and ready for work. Late nights may be okay, but people are often tired and less receptive.

2. It’s the Little Things

Doing little things within a marriage is also a very simple and amazing thing that will help keep a marriage alive. A husband slipping a quick “I love you” note into his wife’s pocketbook may be just what she needs on a bad day or even to boost her up further on her best. Men helping out with the childcare and house cleaning goes an amazingly long way with the women.

3. Give Each Other Space to Grow

Allowing each other to continue growing as individuals while nurturing each other as a couple is another important element of marriage. A couple should encourage one another to maintain outside friendships, hobbies, or small educational pursuits that don’t always include each other. Spending too much time with one another can be just as dangerous as not spending enough.

4. Make Time to Spend Time

Marriages can become overwhelmed by the demands of continuing education, the demands of a career or a job, and raising a family can quickly throw time management out of balance. It is important for married couples to spend time together. Taking a night away from the home every few weeks. If that isn’t an option, settle for watching a late night movie or a board game.

5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Finally, don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t hold grudges. Sometimes giving in and walking away from an argument is the best thing to do.


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