7 Signs You May Need A Marriage Tune Up

Every marriage will have its ups and downs. Regardless of the length of time you have been married there will be times when you wonder what you were thinking when you said “I Do”. The best way to avoid these types of feelings is to see the warning signs that, maybe, your marriage is in need of a tune up. There are 7 distinct signs that will show it is time to step back and nurture the most important relationship in your life.

1. Have you lost the desire to impress your mate? This is the most dangerous of all the warning signs and a tune up is needed quick. We all want to be loved and adored by someone else. We do things, even subconsciously, to impress them. When you no longer want to get that attention from your partner your relationship is in danger.

2. Do you spend a lot of time apart and not mind? Think back to when you first began dating, being apart was horrible. You could not wait to get home from work so you could be with them. A lunch hour did not pass without speaking on the phone. When this urgency diminishes it is time for a tune up.

3. Have you forgotten how to talk to each other? All too often couples get into a rut when they come home from work, complete their family obligations and then fall on the couch to watch television until they go to sleep. People are forgetting to talk to each other and that can damage your marriage.

4. Does romance seem like a hassle? Never forget that you wanted to spend your life together. Don’t forget the love notes or other signs of affection. While not an everyday thing, showing your partner you still feel “silly” about them is a great marriage boost.

5. Are you online more than in touch with your partner? It is no coincidence that the onset of social media has increased the divorce rate. People forget they have a real, loving person at their side. Unplug and share with your loved one instead of an internet friend.

6. Have you stopped saying good morning? By saying good morning you make a connection with your partner that lasts all day. It is a simple way to let them know that they are the first thing on your mind. It is a lasting feeling throughout the day. When you do not speak in the morning you have lost that connection.

7. Have you stopped greeting each other with a kiss? Another simple warning sign. When you stop doing this simple kiss it will lead to loss of affection in other areas.

These signs that your marriage may need to be tuned up are not designed to say that your marriage is failing. Everyone, at some time, will fall into a routine or pattern that they do not like. The trick is to see that pattern and do something positive about it immediately. Every marriage has the chance to be the perfect marriage if each partner decides that it is worth the effort.


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