Breakthrough Addiction Treatments

Statistics show that millions of Americans suffer from addiction, but only a small percentage of them are seeking treatment so that they can move forward and live healthier lives. While traditional treatment options have been beneficial for some of these addicts, they are not helpful for everyone. That is why specialists have been creating new treatment plans that more and more doctors are recommending for their patients. These therapies are based on scientific research and are designed for long-term recovery, and they give patients even more hope for living an addiction-free life.

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One-on-One Psychotherapy

One of the most important tasks in addiction therapy is to identify the reason behind the addiction, and this is part of why one-on-one psychotherapy is so successful. The treatment allows patients to find someone with whom they can freely and openly discuss their emotional trauma and pain that has lead them to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, and then that professional works closely with the patient a few times each week over the course of a year. This form of therapy helps addicts to move past their pain so that they can build healthy relationships once they have recovered from their addictions.

Individualized Treatment

In many rehab centers, patients meet in groups to discuss their problems and their progress, but this is a universal approach that is not always helpful for patients. By seeking treatment options that are specially designed to meet their individual needs, addicts can learn more about themselves and their recovery by using a method that best suits their circumstances. These personal treatment plans are also modified according to each person’s history of substance abuse, including how long and how much the person has been abusing drugs or alcohol.


Addictions change the way the brain functions, which is why specialists have turned to neuroscience to treat addictions. Many doctors believe that addiction treatment programs can also change the brain, and they are developing therapies that will allow the brain to be renewed as the patient undergoes his plan. This will even further improve the chances that an addict will enjoy a life that is free from addiction.

There have been many breakthroughs in addiction recovery, and there is no single treatment plan that will work for every single patient. Each addict must work closely with his doctor to find out which type of therapy will help him achieve the best results.

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