Copywriting 101 for Therapists

Copywriting 101 for Therapists: How to Write Client-Attracting Web Copy

Web copywriting is the science and art of writing in a way that resonates deeply with potential clients when they land at your website so that they say, “Yes, you’re the therapist I want to work with!” In this webinar you’ll discover the core principles of writing authentic and compelling web copy that turns website visitors into clients, including:

  • Why copywriting is key to your website’s success
  • How to write a client-attracting headline
  • 10 core components of successful web copy
  • A 6-step formula for writing compelling copy

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Juliet Austin’s Bio

For the past 11 years former psychotherapist Juliet Austin has helped therapists build profitable and sustainable private practices through her one-to-oneĀ coaching, copywriting services, as well as live and online seminars. As a marketing coach, she helps clinicians develop the most effective and leading-edge marketing strategies in order to attract their ideal clients. As a copywriter, Juliet writes authentic and engaging web copy that speaks to the heart of what therapy clients are looking for, thus compelling them to make contact. For more resources on practice-building and copywriting visit Juliet’s website at


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