Ending a Toxic Relationship

It can be difficult to finally acknowledge that you are in a toxic relationship, but it can be even harder to break away from it. Whether it is a poor friendship or a broken romantic relationship, you will need a great deal of courage to finally step away. Here are some tips that will help you get out of a toxic relationship so that you can move on with your life.


Choose Your Words Wisely

When you end the relationship, be very careful about the words that you choose. Try to be honest and gentle so that you do not prompt unnecessary feelings of anger and defensiveness. While your friend or loved one may feel those emotions regardless of how you approach the end of your relationship, you will feel better about how you handled it, and it may make it easier the next time you have to see the person.


End It Sooner Rather than Later

If you have identified a toxic relationship in your life, don’t wait too long to end it. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to break away. It may also cause even more pain if you try to stay in the relationship despite your knowledge of how bad the relationship is for you. The sooner you end it, the better it will be for all who are involved.


Be Prepared

There may be many difficult situations that you will face after you end the relationship, but these will be easier if you are prepared for them. For example, you may need to prepare yourself for meeting your former friend or partner in a public place. You may also need to take measures to prevent the person from emailing you or contacting you through social media outlets. When you are prepared for situations that may come up after you have ended the relationship, it will be easier for you to move forward.


Allow Yourself to Grieve

It is normal to feel a sense of loss and sadness after a relationship has ended, even if it was one that was bad for you. Give yourself some time to grieve the loss of your friend or partner, and think about the positive aspects of relationship that you just ended. However, you should avoid dwelling on the negative aspects of the friendship, which could cause you live in the past rather than moving ahead with your life.

If you are in a toxic relationship, it is time to get out. While it may be painful and difficult, these tips will make the process a bit easier so that you can surround yourself with healthy and beneficial relationships.

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