How Therapy Can Help Communication in Couples

There are countless factors that can negatively impact the condition of a relationship; infidelity, illness, addiction, depression, lack of communication, and anger issues are only a few. Unfortunately, even if both parties are open to working on the relationship, neither may have any idea how or where to begin. Regardless of the longevity or nature of the relationship, sometimes an issue may be too complicated, delicate or painful to be resolved without the couple seeking outside help.

Therapy helps couples improve communication by recognizing issues and resolving discord. In many cases, an individual may not understand his partner’s perspective which can create resentment, anger and hurt feelings. Some individuals fully subscribe to the notion that admission resolves problems. However, simply naming a problem is merely the beginning of the process of healing. By allowing an impartial intermediary to hear both sides, problems can be worked through and negotiated. This intervention often leads to a compromise that both parties are comfortable with.

A relationship or couples therapist has the same knowledge and capabilities as other therapists, but he has chosen to specialize in relationships. This specialty is generally not limited to marriages, but also family relations and couples. The insightful experts possess extensive training in the area of marriage and family and help determine the underlying causes to damaging conflict in attempts to salvage the important relationships at stake. Relationship therapists work to help couples and families heal and reinforce connections.

However, while helpful in reaching common ground, therapists do not choose a side or tell couples who is right or wrong. Instead, a therapist may offer suggestions to help couples communicate more effectively. Moreover he can provide tools and techniques to resolve current conflicts, as well as others that may arise in the future. Therapy, when employed correctly, can help improve the overall condition of a relationship. Effective communication builds a stronger bond within the relationship, allowing one to better convey his own thoughts and feelings to his partner, while understanding a differing opinion or view. Through therapy, couples can learn to accept each other’s differences, solve problems and even quarrel in a healthier manner.

Therapy is a comprehensive process that does not work overnight. There are no short cuts. The amount of time spent in therapy is contingent upon individual progress, as well as the degree of destruction at hand. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution in therapy. While some couples may only need short term therapy to work through a specific crisis, other couples may need to engage in more intensive counseling over the course of several months. Still, if both parties are willing to be patient and put forth the effort, the relationship may become better than ever before. Once channels of communication are opened up and partners have a better grasp of one another’s feelings, the possibilities are virtually endless.


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