How to Tell If Your Loved One Is Addicted to Drugs

If you are worried that a loved one may have a drug or alcohol problem, then it is best to consult a drug rehab center or a medical provider about your concerns. You may also be able to observe your friend or family member for patterns that are often signs that a person has become addicted to drugs or alcohol. By looking for these patterns of drug abuse, you may be able to determine if your loved one needs professional help.

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Drug Use at an Early Age

Many teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol, which can cause their developing bodies to be more susceptible to long-term damage. Studies also report that teenagers who drink alcohol may be more likely to become addicted to alcohol during adulthood. If your friend or family member started using drugs or alcohol while he was young, then he is more vulnerable to addiction as he ages.

Use of Hard Drugs

Methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin are hard drugs that can quickly cause severe damage. Many users become addicted after trying the drug only once, and they soon practice other dangerous activities. If your loved one is using hard drugs, then he may become isolated and withdrawn, and you may notice a change in his personality.

Private Drug Use

Studies indicate that individuals who drink alcohol or use drugs while they are alone may have a higher risk of addiction. This is especially true for teenagers, who may suffer from low grades and poor health due to their use of cigarettes, alcohol or marijuana. If your friend or family member is using drugs or drinking alcohol while he is home alone, then he may be more likely to become addicted over time.

Drug Use to Escape Emotions

Many drug users are trying to cope with their emotions or stress, and many teens start using drugs to avoid boredom or to escape the stress that they face at school or at home. Since the underlying emotions are not addressed or resolved, the users soon become addicted to the false sense of relaxation or security that they feel once they have used a drug. If your loved one is battling depression, anxiety or other difficult emotions, then they may turn to drugs to help them feel better.

If you have noticed a change in the behaviors of your friend or family member, then drug or alcohol use could be a problem. You will need to watch for these destructive patterns in order to determine if your loved one may be facing an addiction to drugs.


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