Less Is More

less is moreIn today’s society, people seem to be focused on getting their hands on as many things as possible. They want more money, bigger houses, faster cars and nicer clothes, and they feel like a failure if they don’t reach these lofty goals. No matter how much they have, they keep looking for more, and this can cause them to feel unsuccessful and depressed. Many of these people look to therapists to help them cope with their feelings, but a simple change in perspective may be all that they need in order to feel as though their lives have value.

The Science of More

In an age where consumers can easily access the things they want or need, many people find themselves wishing they had more. They have plenty of money and nice things, but they keep reaching higher in hopes that they will find happiness. They become dependent on their purchases for joy but end up feeling empty when their cravings aren’t satisfied. In some cases, this can lead to loneliness, addiction, depression and sickness.

Identifying the Necessities

One of the first steps in becoming satisfied with less is to identify the absolute necessities. These include shelter, food, water and air, but each person may have certain things that they cannot live without. For example, some people need to spend time outdoors working in a garden, and others may need to experience the unconditional love of a family dog. Once people have identified the things that they absolutely need in order to live, they can start eliminating their excess possessions that do not provide the same satisfying feeling.

Being Grateful

When people are focused on getting more, they aren’t showing gratitude for the things they have. They are eager to see the things that they have yet to obtain, but they don’t pay attention to the small or important details that make life worth living, such as beautiful sunrises, the love of family members, birds singing and life itself. Gratitude is essential for a happy and healthy lifestyle, and it will help people overcome their dependence on getting more so that they focus on the blessings that they already have.

Unfortunately, society promotes the need to accumulate more and more possessions, but this can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. By focusing on necessities and the things that they already have, people can overcome their feelings of dependence on possessions and start to appreciate all that life has to offer.

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