What Is a Licensed Professional Counselor?


A licensed professional counselor is a medical professional who is specially trained to provide substance abuse and mental health services. These counselors can assist with mental, emotional and behavioral issues, and they work with groups, families and individuals. Licensed professional counselors may be referred to as therapists, licensed clinical professional counselors and licensed mental health counselors.

How Is a Licensed Professional Counselor Different from a Psychologist?

A licensed professional counselor must have a master’s degree in counseling, and he must have passed a state-approved licensing exam. He must also have spent time working in a clinical setting under a licensed supervisor. A psychologist must have a doctorate, and he have a specialization in which he must be certified. Counselors work directly with patients and suggest further testing when they think it is necessary. Psychologists diagnose mental illnesses, and they may or may not work directly with patients.

Do I Need to See a Licensed Professional Counselor?

Licensed professional counselors can help you with many types of problems. If you are feeling depressed or anxious, a counselor may be able to identify the sources of your emotions and help you find solutions. You may also benefit from seeing a counselor if you are experiencing marital problems, discord in the family or drug abuse, and he may help you overcome issues from your past.

How Do I Choose a Licensed Professional Counselor?

There are several ways that you can choose which counselor to visit. You may want to speak to your general practitioner, who may be able to make a recommendation based on his knowledge of his fellow medical professionals. You can also ask friends and family members if they have used a counselor in the past, or you can look in a phone book to see which counselors are practicing in your area. Before you make an appointment with a counselor, you may want to call your insurance company to see if they cover counseling sessions. They may also have certain counselors that are in their network, which will minimize your expenses.

A licensed professional counselor is a medical professional who has had the experience and training necessary to help patients who have mental, emotional and behavioral conditions. Whether you need individual sessions or would like to be seen as part of a group or as a family, a counselor may be able to offer a treatment plan that will help you overcome your condition so that you can live an enjoyable life.



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