Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Despite the many opportunities to connect and communicate in today’s society, it can still be difficult to determine whether you and the person you are dating will be compatible during marriage. While you may have enjoyable conversations and look forward to spending time in one another’s company, you may neglect to address certain topics that are important in having a successful marriage. Here are a few questions that you need to ask your partner before you walk down the aisle and commit to a lifetime together.

marriage questins to ask

What Is Your Current Debt?

When you get married, you take on your spouse’s debt, even if it was incurred before you exchanged vows. If his credit history is poor, then it could cause you to be denied for loans or prompt lenders to raise your interest rates. In addition to knowing how much debt your partner has, you need to ask him whether he has ever filed for bankruptcy or has had a home foreclosure, which could also affect your financial stability once you are married. Since many married couples fight about money and spending habits, you may even want to learn about how your potential spouse views budgets, expenditures, investments and saving money so that you can determine whether his views and habits could cause problems in the future.


Do You Want Children?

Some people have decided that they don’t want to have children, and others want at least one child or more. If you and your partner disagree on this issue, it could cause hurt feelings and resentment that may last a lifetime. Before you decide to get married, you need to determine whether you partner wants children, and if he does, how many he would like to have. This will help you make sure that you both see the same family structure in your future as a married couple.


Where Would You Like to Be in the Next Five Years?

There are many times when one person is ready to get married while the other would prefer to wait for professional or personal reasons. As you discuss your future, you should each describe where you see yourselves five years from now. Do you want a family? Have you scaled the career ladder? Do you own a home? These answers will help you determine if you both have the same dreams and plans for the foreseeable future.

Even if you have been living together or have dated for several years, it is still important that you take the time to discuss these questions with your partner. The answers may help you decide whether you want to take your relationship to the next level or move on to someone else.

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