Overcoming Job Loss

Few things in life can derail an individual quite like the loss of a job. For most of us, our jobs are our livelihoods. While we may have savings or investments, the majority of our routine expenses and obligations are met by the paycheck we earn from working. So it is only natural that suffering the loss of a job can be devastating to an individual and his family. Although some individuals may be better suited to sustain the financial impact of job loss than others, most people are unequipped to deal with such a situation.

Whether due to a business closing its doors, downsizing, outsourcing jobs, or other unfortunate circumstances that resulted in unemployment, there are some things an individual can do while waiting for his next prospect to emerge.

One of the best things a person can do to increase his odds of getting a job is to expand his education. This does not mean that he must return to college full-time and take on a full course load. Countless courses can be taken as non-credit options, simply to increase one’s knowledge about a particular subject. College classes do not necessarily need to be applied toward a degree to be of value in the workforce.

On the other hand, some individuals may want to reassess their career fields and determine if there is still a personal interest and/or an industry demand. If an individual arrives at the conclusion that he would benefit from a career change, perhaps it would be in his best interest to research job market trends and enroll in a certification program. Unlike a degree program, most certificate programs can be completed within 6-9 months. Moreover, many certificate programs offer job placement assistance with local employers upon successful completion.

For some, becoming unemployed can be a reminder of how lucky they have been in life. Thus, many individuals may want to consider volunteering with a favorite charity or organization. Not only is volunteer work fulfilling, it is also a highly needed commodity. Virtually all organizations can use the services and talents of individuals who are passionate about their causes. Perhaps an individual always wanted to do more for his local soup kitchen than write a check, but could never find the time in his demanding schedule to donate his time; a temporary stent of joblessness is the perfect opportunity to pursue such a desire. Moreover, volunteer work is an excellent way to fill a gap on a resume.

The unexpected loss of a job can be one of the most difficult things an individual will face throughout the course of his career. But it may simply be a path to a greater purpose. It is easy to see a negative situation and assume that it is the end the world. However, it is merely the end of the world as you knew it. There is no way to know what possibilities may be waiting. Things may be better than you ever could have imagined. It is all a matter of perspective.


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