Overcoming the Effects of Abuse

Overcoming the Effects of Abuse

Many people who have been abused or bullied suffer in silence as they try to avoid anger, criticism, insults and resentment from others. They make choices that are designed to meet the approval of others rather than trying to fulfill their own goals and wishes. They live in fear of displeasing someone else, and they lose the ability to stand strong in their beliefs. If you have been bullied or abused, then you don’t have to continue to live your life trying to please others. You can find yourself again so that you have your own voice and can enjoy living life in a manner that pleases you.

Overcoming the Effects of Abuse

Identify Your Temperament

Before you can expect to change any of the habits that you developed while being abused, you must first identify your natural temperament. You have innate characteristics that determine how you interact with others, your average amount of energy to accomplish tasks and how much you react to your surroundings. By determining these characteristics, you can better understand yourself and find the best ways to adapt your reaction to others without feeling as though you must change who you are to suit them.

Learn to Adapt

In order to overcome the effects of the abuse that you suffered, you must learn to adjust your temperament and your actions so that you can keep your own voice rather than bending to the expectations of others. For example, you can overcome shyness by providing others with your attention during interactions at social events. If your energy levels are low, then you can plan regular walks that do not require endurance or speed. It may take some practice to learn how to adapt your temperament and your actions, and you may try some things that don’t work. However, these adaptations will help you strengthen your core self so that you no longer feel the overwhelming fear of displeasing other people.

If you have suffered from abuse or bullying, you are not destined to live in the shadows of your experiences. By finding your core self and your own voice, you can begin to step away from the effects of your abuse so that you can live the life that you want.

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