Overcoming the Power of Loneliness

Many people believe that they must be alone in order to feel lonely, but this is not always the case. Loneliness occurs when relationships are unfulfilling, which means that a person can be surrounded by others and still feel lonely. Loneliness is a powerful emotion, and it can cause many problems in different areas of […]

How to Make Divorce Easier for the Family

If you are going through a divorce, then you know how difficult it is for everybody involved. You may be having trouble sorting through and coping with your own emotions, and it can be difficult to understand what your spouse and children are feeling. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the […]

Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) have challenged many mental health professionals. These patients are often considered to be difficult to work with, which means that many of them are left without the help they need in order to live healthy and fulfilling lives. This lack of assistance also means that their loved ones are […]

Maintain Sobriety by Planning Ahead

If you are recovering from addiction, then you may have been told to approach your struggle one day at a time. While this advice is helpful when you feel the initial urge to engage in your addictive behavior, it will not help you break or manage your addiction. In order to maintain your sobriety, you […]

How to Tell If Your Loved One Is Addicted to Drugs

If you are worried that a loved one may have a drug or alcohol problem, then it is best to consult a drug rehab center or a medical provider about your concerns. You may also be able to observe your friend or family member for patterns that are often signs that a person has become […]

Overcoming the Effects of Abuse

Overcoming the Effects of Abuse Many people who have been abused or bullied suffer in silence as they try to avoid anger, criticism, insults and resentment from others. They make choices that are designed to meet the approval of others rather than trying to fulfill their own goals and wishes. They live in fear of […]

The Conversation You Need to Have With Your Spouse

When two people start dating, they talk about all sorts of things; music, hobbies, sports, favorite foods, movies, religion, family and parents, careers, and of course, sex. However, there is one topic that never seems to get any attention until it is already a problem in the relationship. Money is the one thing that sabotages […]

Sabotaging Your Own Treatment

Regardless of the type of problem you are facing or what type of therapy you choose to help you work through it, merely asking for the help is not enough to reach a resolution. Many people unwittingly prevent their therapists from being of any assistance. While you may say, “Please help me,” your behavior may […]

Coping with Working Mom Guilt

For some mothers, leaving their children to go to work ranks right up there with facing a firing squad; the sad looks on their little faces and the nagging feeling that you are going to miss some spectacular moment in their development that you will never be able to regain are only a couple of […]

Children of Incarcerated Parents

In the process of assuring victims receive justice and offenders are given an adequate sentence, there is often one group of individuals who receive little thought. And while it may be difficult to think about someone so close to a person who is guilty of a violent crime or considerable theft, it is vital to […]