Preventing Suicide

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the nation, and it is especially prevalent in young adults. The number of people who commit suicide continues to grow each year, but it can be prevented. If you know someone who is very depressed or who has mentioned committing suicide, there are some things you can do to help prevent a tragedy.


Recognize the Risk Factors Associated with Suicide

If you know the risks factors for suicide, then you may be able to recognize a person who is thinking about killing himself. Statistics indicate that most people who commit suicide have some type of treatable mental illness, but these disorders are often left undiagnosed and untreated at the time of the suicide. These people may also have a history of abuse or trauma, serious medical conditions, a family history of suicide or a previous suicide attempt. They often show signs that they will commit suicide, such as expressing feelings of humiliation, depression, hopelessness and loss of confidence. They may also lose interest in things they previously enjoyed.

Take Him to the Hospital

If you have a child who has threatened to commit suicide, then you need to take him to the hospital. The medical personnel will be able to observe him while treating him for his depression or other mental disorder. If the hospital is unable to admit the child, then you will need to keep him at home under close supervision at home for 24 hours.

Talk Openly about His Feelings

When a person talks about committing suicide, you may want to use the opportunity to tell him that you are concerned about him and care about him. You can also ask him why he is considering killing himself, and you can talk to him about what method he plans to use. If he is seeing a doctor, then encourage him to visit the doctor immediately. You can also help him find a psychiatric hospital or a medical professional who can diagnose and treat any medical disorders.

Stay by His Side

Once he has revealed that he is considering suicide, you should not leave your loved one alone. Stay by his side as you call his doctor or 911.

If you see signs that someone you love is thinking about committing suicide, then you need to act immediately. Your presence and assistance may be what saves his life.


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