Signs of a Thriving Romantic Relationship

When you are in the middle of a romantic relationship, it can be hard to tell if it is one that will last and stay strong over time. It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and decide to ignore the red flags that indicate that something is wrong, and this can cause more heartache later down the line. Here are some signs that will help you determine if your romantic relationship is a healthy one.

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Each Partner Offers Support 

In healthy relationships, each partner allows room for the other to grow and develop, and both partners support these changes. Whether one person wants to train for a marathon or take a cooking class, the other offers support and encouragement. This builds a feeling of trust and becomes a solid foundation for a loving relationship that stays strong even as each person in the partnership develops.

Partners Share Mannerisms and Habits

In many healthy relationships, the partners will start sharing the same habits and mannerisms. One will suddenly take an interest in hiking because it is something that the other likes to do, or one person will pick up a saying that is frequently repeated by the other. This is a sign of closeness, and it is a reflection of cognitive independence that develops in strong and thriving couples.

Couples Touch Each Other Frequently

When couples are in a healthy relationship, they often touch each other to show their affection. They hug, kiss, cuddle and give massages to demonstrate their affection for one another. This strengthens their relationship, but studies also show that non-sexual caresses help couples to recover from conflict.

Partners View Commitment as Being Beneficial

Couples who are in thriving relationships often feel as though their commitments provide them with joy, comfort and fulfillment, while those in weak relationships may view their commitments as being hurtful, irritating or harmful. Strong romantic relationships can boost a person’s overall well-being, and it provides them with a positive view of the benefits that their partnership can offer.

Each romantic relationship is different and complex, and there are many factors that will determine whether yours is healthy and thriving. As you analyze your bond with your partner or spouse, you should also consider other factors to help you identify whether your relationship is strong and beneficial.

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