Tips to Improve Your Body Image

If you are like the majority of young men and women, you are dissatisfied with what you see in the mirror each day. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your body image so that you feel more comfortable with who you are.

body image

Avoid the Media

We are surrounded by images of people who appear to perfect, and we often ignore the fact that their images have been altered to make them more attractive. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to what you see in magazines, on television or in video games, then you need to take a break from them. While you won’t be able to completely avoid seeing images in the media, you can minimize your exposure. Stop reading magazines and watching television for a few weeks, and you may not feel as much pressure to meet such unrealistic expectations.

Encourage Yourself

In order to improve your body image, you will need to identify the things about yourself that you like. You should write down positive thoughts that remind you that you are beautiful, strong and unique. Place these notes around your home and office so that you can see them throughout the day. The more you see these positive comments, the more you will start to believe them.

Refuse to Participate in Negativity

If you surround yourself with people who are constantly saying negative things about their bodies, then you will be prompted to think the same things about yourself. You should avoid participating in conversations that reflect a negative body image. Even if a friend is talking about how she wants to lose weight, you may start feeling as though you need start a diet to lose a few pounds.

Heal Your Wounds

You won’t be able to improve your body image overnight, and it takes some patience to fully accept who you are. Before you can start the healing process, you will need to determine the reasons behind your obsession with your body. Once you identify why you became obsessed about your body, you can shift your focus to living a life where you do not flinch every time you look in the mirror.

It is possible to improve your body image, but it will take time. You may also have to try different strategies or a combination of techniques before you find the ones that lead you to view yourself with compassion.



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