Vacation Time is a Necessity

Most of us consider a weekend getaway to be a vacation. However, research suggests that individuals who do not take at least two full weeks off from work each year have an increased risk of heart disease and women, in particular, are more susceptible to depression. All over the world people take vacations spanning from two weeks to two months, but in the United States, it is not uncommon for workers to skip vacations altogether, for fear of job loss or simply because we believe that our colleagues cannot function without us.

Still, deep down we know life would not cease in our absence, but is it really that big of a deal if we do not take a little time off? Just what could we possibly be missing out on by working through our vacations?

Increasing the Strength of Family Relationships.

Too often, family plays second fiddle to our professional lives. A couple of hours in the evening when everyone is in the same room, but absorbed in separate activities does not a happy family make. Spending some time just reconnecting with our partner and children emphasizes what is truly important and can do wonders for the family unit.

Stress Reduction

We are a society of relentless multitaskers. Sometimes our productivity can completely envelop our lives, resulting in ulcers, anxiety and even heart attacks. Step back and let someone else handle the office for a little while. The world will not stop turning.


Think back to your childhood. It is likely that some of the most memorable experiences occurred during family vacations. Do you really want to deprive your own family of those memories?

Improving Productivity

A burnt out worker does not do the company any favors by going through the motions of their daily responsibilities like some sort of zombie. After a vacation, you can return rested and ready to tackle challenges with renewed sense of commitment and a fresh outlook.

Overall Health Improvement

Whether it is tension in your back, shoulders and neck, chronic indigestion, a headache that creeps in around the same time everyday, insomnia, fatigue, or any number of other ailments, there is a strong probability that it could be work related. You might be surprised how much better you feel after a vacation.

There are countless benefits a vacation can bring. So, there is really just one question you need to ask yourself: what am I waiting for?


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